Limaj sends public letter to other candidates for Prime Minister

NISMA-AKR coalition’s candidate for Prime Minister, Fatmir Limaj, sent an open letter to other candidates for PM, calling on them to pledge that they will contribute to the conclusion of the dialogue with Serbia.

Limaj wrote: “the lack of readiness to unite all political forces and civil society had major consequences both internally and at the international level.

Kosovo’s opposition parties did not agree to take part in the process of dialogue and spent all their energies in the demand for early elections. The opposition’s refusal to become part of Kosovo’s representation in the dialogue with Serbia made it impossible to create a joint state delegation and strategy that would conclude the process. Divisions in Kosovo’s political and institutional landscape were negatively reflected in Kosovo’s image and regrettably, Kosovo was blamed for the blockade of dialogue. Knowing that the people of Kosovo do not deserve for Kosovo’s allies, who stood by our people in the most crucial times, to be disappointed by the lack of institutional ability to make decisions in the interest of the country’s future. The Kosovo Assembly adopted a platform that should serve for building an overall consensus of our political opinions on the dialogue with Serbia. The October 6 elections should not be considered as just the next elections, because bearing in mind the challenges our country will face, it becomes apparent that these elections will be of special importance for Kosovo’s future. The Social Democratic Initiative (NISMA) makes a public pledge that after the October 6 elections it will continue to be part of a constructive state policy and in the new legislative will contribute, together with Kosovo’s international friends, to conclude dialogue with Serbia and to open a new page in the history of the Western Balkans.”