Belgrade blamed for inciting tensions among Kosovo Serbs

Belgrade has stepped up pressure on Kosovo Serbs to vote for the Serbian List in the October 6 parliamentary elections, according to representatives of three rival political parties, the “Sloboda” coalition, the Kosovo Serbs’ Party and the Independent Liberal Party, Radio Free Europe reports.

Rada Trajkovic from the Sloboda coalition told RFE on Sunday that Kosovo Serbs are threatened they will lose their jobs if they don’t vote for Serbian List candidates.

“For the time being, the biggest pressure on Kosovo Serbs is coming from Belgrade, from some informal centers. We have information that a group of people close to the mafia or the mafia themselves has managed to reach the Ecological Centre at the Gazivoda Lake. According to Serbs in the north, those people went there to intimidate the Serbs,” she said.

Aleksandar Jablanovic, leader of the Kosovo Serbs’ Party, told the news agency: “We are under tremendous pressure here in the north, both from institutions of the Serbian Government and from certain criminal structures that are well known to Kosovo Police and international diplomatic offices in Kosovo … This is orchestrated by Belgrade to threaten all Serbs that have different opinions from Belgrade,” he said.