Osmani: Government to lead dialogue with Serbia

Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) candidate for Prime Minister, Vjosa Osmani, said today that the new government of Kosovo will lead the dialogue with Serbia and that the President will only decree the agreement once it is reached.

“As far as the dialogue with Serbia is concerned, it will be led by the Government, but not only by myself. I have more extensive experience in negotiations than any other candidate for Prime Minister. Others have watched the talks on TV, whereas I was directly involved. Some have put their interests before the interests of the state, while some others have avoided the responsibility for the dialogue by leaving it in the hands of irresponsible people. One cannot enter dialogue by saying I won’t do this or that, but with concrete ideas on how to achieve the normalization of relations. I was against spending all our energy in the dialogue. Serbia did not stop us from creating new jobs. The dialogue was used as a coverup for the mistakes and failures of the government”.

Osmani also said that the normalization of relations with Serbia is important but it is not an existential issue, “because when Kosovo declared independence it did not do that thinking that it cannot exist without recognition from Serbia. The reason why we have entered dialogue is that we believe in good neighborly relations.”