Jovanovic: Kurti is not a threat to Serbia, but an opportunity

Cedomir Jovanovic, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party in Serbia, said on Wednesday that the election results in Kosovo speak of a need to refresh the political landscape in Kosovo and also in relations with Serbia.

Jovanovic said Kosovo has shown a high level of democratic culture in the elections and that it should now use this momentum for regional cooperation.

“I hope the new government in Prishtina will be formed soon with a stable majority in parliament, and with the power to reach an agreement with Belgrade, an agreement that would be accepted and understood by society in Kosovo,” he said.

“They attack Kurti today in Belgrade with a tone that was used before every catastrophe in our region and such remarks should have no room in our politics. Kurti is not a threat to Serbia, but an opportunity. His statement that he wants to talk with Serbs in Kosovo, not only with Belgrade, should be seen as an opportunity for a higher level of integration of Serbs in Kosovo society and institutions”.