Grenell: Serbia and Kosovo should find a solution

Kosovo President, Hashim Thaçi, received in a meeting today in Prishtina, the U.S. President Donald Trump’s Special Envoy for the Kosovo – Serbia talks, Ambassador Richard Grenell.

President Thaçi thanked Ambassador Grenell for the support that the United States of America has extended to the Republic of Kosovo in all periods.

"Since 2008, there has been not as much US attention to Kosovo, as now," said Thaci adding: "This adds to our confidence and confidence in seeking a peace deal with Serbia."

It was noted in the meeting that the peace agreement between Kosovo and Serbia would contribute to the development of Kosovo and the entire region.

Ambassador Richard Grenell, US President Donald Trump's Special Envoy, expressed hope that Kosovo and Serbia will meet soon and find a solution.

He stressed that an agreement between the two countries would lay the foundation for economic growth and contribute to the well-being of all citizens.

President Thaçi said that the Republic of Kosovo wants to be constructive in finding a solution that will pave the way for development and added that "the active participation of the US in finding a final solution between Kosovo and Serbia will be decisive ”.