Conclusions of the 58-page report on Astrit Dehari case

Kosovo’s Prosecution Office will continue investigations into the death of Astrit Dehari after expertise provided by a Swiss forensic institute stated the need to clarify the circumstances around the death of the Vetevendosje activist, who died in a Prizren jail in 2016.

A more than 58-page report from the University Center of Legal Medicine in Lausanne concludes that the circumstances surrounding the death of Astrit Dehari require further investigation. 

Although the complete report has not yet been made public, extracts have appeared in the media.

“We assess that a new investigation is needed to clarify the circumstances of the death of Mr. Dehari, Astrit,” the report reads.

“Our teams and laboratories will be in the disposition of the investigators that deal with the case.”

The report also seems to contradict earlier assertions that Dehari committed suicide.

“The forensic hypothesis that Mr. Dehari, Astrit, committed suicide with certain tools has little truth and the intervention of a third person in the fatal process should be taken into account,” it states. 

In response, the Basic Court of Prizren issued a statement on Thursday morning, revealing that the case will continue to be investigated.

“Based on the findings of the report, the prosecution will continue its investigation of this case and will take all the necessary actions,” the statement reads.

“It will hear from experts from the forensics institute in Lausanne, as well as experts from the Kosovo Forensic Agency, to explain their reports. If it is necessary, extra expertise will also be sought from abroad in cooperation and coordination with international partners, to clarify the circumstances and causes of death.”

In the statement, the Basic Court also tried to assure the public and the Dehari family that a professional investigation will be conducted. 

The release of the statement followed a press conference from the wife and parents of Dehari, who today have received a translated copy of the report.