Desku: ECAP has received 80 complaints

80 complaints were filed to ECAP following the announcement of the 6th October snap elections final result by the CEC.

The news was confirmed to RTK by Mule Desku.

Desku said that the largest number of complaints were filed by minority parties in the Kosovo Assembly.

“14 complaints were filed by the Democratic League of Kosovo, 1 by the Democratic Party of Kosovo, 2 by the NISMA-AKR-PD coalition, 42 by Samostalna Liberalna Stranka, 1 by the Democratic Party of Kosovo Ashkali, 4 by the Kosovskih Srba Party, 1 by the VAKAT coalition, ” said Desku.

The deadline for submission of complaints at ECAP ends today at 10:00 am.

Unsatisfied parties have the right to appeal to the Supreme Court within 24 hours, after receiving the ECAP decision.