NISMA accuses VV of intimidating observers at counting centre

Social Democratic Initiative (NISMA) has accused Vetevendosje Movement (LVV) of intimidating and threatening observers at the Counting and Results Centre (CRC) during the recount process of more than half of overall ballots cast on 6 October parliamentary elections. 

In a statement, the party said their observers in the recounting process have noted many irregularities and faced pressure from Vetevendosje officials that are part of the Central Election Commission (CEC).
“LVV representatives to the CEC, namely Nazlie Balaj and Adnan Rrustemi, have continually interfered in the tables where the recount of ballots is taking place by threatening and intimidating the staff and observers at the CRC,” NISMA said calling LVV officials’ actions ‘scandalous’. 

“They interfered by grabbing the ballots and determining which are valid and which are not,” NISMA said further. “No member of the CEC has the right to interfere at the counting tables and actively engage in the recount, and even less so take an active role in assessing the validity of votes.” 

NISMA called on CEC chief, Valdete Daka, to urgently intervene and take action against Vetevendosje representatives.