Daka:Political entities should keep calm, serve the democratic process

Head of the Central Election Commission, Valdete Daka called on the representatives of political entities and their observers to be maximally cautious for the integrity of the process taking place in the Counts and Results Center, by respecting the rules and procedures of this center, serving in this manner the democratic process.

In a public statement, Daka said that any breach of the Counting and Results Center procedures and rules is in contradiction with the observer's signed statement and contradiction with the law.

“Counting officers should be allowed to do their job freely, unhindered and professionally. Any interference with the work of counting officials complicates and slows down the process of certifying final results and obliges the CEC to take measures against individuals who do not comply with the observation rules. Any party who has objections to administration of the count of the Counts and Results Center may file a complaint with the ECAP, as the Law on General Elections is clear in this regard,” Daka said.