59% of respondents prefer import tax on Serbia remaining in force

Kosovo Democratic Institute published today the results of an opinion poll on possible topics of the final Kosovo-Serbia agreement including the import tax on Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, border correction idea, and other issues that could be part of the dialogue.

59 percent of the respondents said the government of Kosovo should not suspend the tax to pave way for dialogue with Serbia to resume.

With regards to the idea for border correction, 45 percent of people interviewed said they understood what the idea implies, 31 percent said they somewhat understood the concept while 20 percent said they did not know precisely what this idea consists of.

The people that were interviewed also gave answers as to what issues they think need to be included in the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia and 71% said the process should include missing persons, 60% war crime prosecution, 59% war reparations, 56% apology from Serbia, 41% said the return of Kosovo funds needs to be addressed and 38% said mutual recognition.