Kosnett: Kosovo and Serbia should return to the negotiating table

US Ambassador to Kosovo Philip Kosnett thinks it is time for the political representatives to move away from traditional trade policies and think about how to build a state of peace, justice, and prosperity for the future generations.

In an interview with Radio Kosova’s Second Program, the Serbian-language desk,  Ambassador Kosnett noted that the Serbian List is a political reality in Kosovo and that the rights of all communities must be respected.

The US ambassador reiterated the stance that Kosovo and Serbia should return to the negotiating table because, with the normalization of bilateral relations, both countries would attract more foreign investment. Kosnett added that the US would consider any agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, including the issue of territorial adjustment, but only to the extent that there is support from both sides. Ambassador Kosnett also spoke about the importance of the Specialist Chambers at The Hague and the US role in the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.