"If there is no LVV-LDK agreement, a transitory govt is required"

Despite their agreement on the governing program, Vetevendosje Movement (LVV) and the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) do not find it easy to divide the political posts. 

Political experts assess that lack of agreement on the distribution of posts is disappointing for the electorate of both political parties. They consider that if these two political entities do not reach an agreement soon, a transitory government would save Kosovo from the political stalemate. 

Despite their promises that they will make their governing coalition official immediately after the certification of elections, officials from both political parties do not manage to reach an agreement even a week after the certification. 

The main obstacle is disagreement on the division of political posts. 

Political analyst Blerim Burjani considers that LVV and LDK’s disagreement for the division of the political posts is disappointing for the electorate of both parties. According to him, if these two entities do not manage to reach an agreement to co-govern, a transitory government would be the right solution, to complete some tasks which according to him, cannot wait. “Perhaps the best solution, to avoid extraordinary elections, would be creation of a transitory government, so a government that would be reforming and would have the vote of the current parliament, which means the MPs who won the mandate, and respect the mandate of a transitory government of a one year period or at least nine months,” Burjani said. 

Expert of the Constitution of Kosovo Mazllum Baraliu said the two political parties should reach an agreement and start governing as soon as possible.

“The two political parties should speak to the voice of reason and agree without major and anti-constitutional demands. They should reach coalition and start governing, as many obligations are left in half from the previous government and there are many problems related to the budget, which has a legal deadline,” Baraliu said. 

“Electorate of these two political parties did not give them the mandate or trust to make political calculations and political trade to make irrational and underserved demands, which in no way should have entered calculations of this agreement,” Baraliu said.