25 m Euros collected from the tax on property

About 25 million euros were collected from a tax on the property from January through November this year.

Director of the Tax on Property Department at the Ministry of Finance, Shkelzen Morina, believes that, as planned, this year’s taxes will be collected in full.

However, he told Radio Kosova that although it was envisaged to start collecting taxes on agricultural land this year, this has not happened, and it is not expected to start in 2020 either.

“Taxes from agricultural land will not be collected in 2020, either, as the Ministry of Agriculture has delayed the issuance of an administrative rule. The agricultural properties that are cultivated, based on the Law, are tax-exempt, but tax is levied on non-arable land,” he said.

Although it reached the Ministry of Agriculture concerning this issue, Radio Kosova has failed to get a response.