EU urges swift government formation

Head of EU Office/EU Special Representative, Nataliya Apostolova, EULEX and Heads of EU Missions in Kosovo, in a joint press release issued on Thursday urged Prishtina authorities to form the new government and resume work on reforms and dialogue with Serbia.

The constitutive session of the Assembly has been scheduled to take place on 26 December. According to the heads of the EU missions in Kosovo, the general elections of 6 October allowed the people of Kosovo to exercise their democratic right to vote and elect their leaders. This is the essence of the democratic process.

“We trust that the parties concerned will reach the necessary consensus to overcome remaining challenges,” it is written in the press release.

“Kosovo needs to resume urgent work on reforms of economic and social development as well as rule of law, on the implementation of the EU-Kosovo Stabilisation and Association Agreement and the EU-facilitated Dialogue with Belgrade,” the EU representatives said.

According to the Heads of EU Missions in Kosovo, a swift government formation is needed to take forward these processes, in the interest of Kosovo and its people and line with the constitution and the expressed wish of the electorate.