Kurti to Mustafa: I cannot help you to dismiss Mr. Konjufca

Vetevendosje Movement (LVV) leader and candidate for Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, sent a letter to Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) leader Isa Mustafa on Thursday said he regrets that talks between the two parties for a coalition government have stopped and added that Glauk Konjufca’s election as Assembly President is an irreversible process.

Kurti called on Mustafa to return to the table of talks and try to reach an agreement on a coalition government.

It is to be recalled that without a prior agreement with the LDK, Kurti proposed Konjufca for the post of Assembly President and that LDK MPs then voted in his favor.

“You are entitled to regret your decision and to call on the LDK parliamentary group to undertake an initiative to dismiss the new legitimate and democratic President of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Glauk Konjufca. There were a dozen votes against Mr. Konjufca on December 26, 2019. In addition to being entitled, you also stand a chance to dismiss Mr. Konjufca. But I cannot help you in this direction,” Kurti wrote in his letter to Mustafa.

“There is a need to remove corrupt officials from the institutions of the seized state of Kosovo. Mr. Konjufca is not one of them. There is a need to change decisions that were imposed on the Assembly of Kosovo. Mr. Konjufca’s election is not one of them”.