Beqiri does not exclude coalition with AAK, NISMA and minorities

Ismet Beqiri, a member of the leadership of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) spoke about the options of forming the government if an agreement with the Vetevendosje Movement (LVV) fails.

He said LDK has not discussed yet the option of a coalition with AAK, NISMA, and minorities.

“I am not saying this will not be in the agenda if Kurti does not manage to form the government if there is no agreement with LDK,” he said.

He, however, added that LDK supports the reach of the agreement with LVV.
Beqiri added however that the option of reaching coalition with LVV and then go for new elections when the time of electing the President comes is also not excluded.
He regretted the involvement of family members of the political exponents in the debate of forming the coalition between LDK and LVV, especially from the latter one.
According to Beqiri, the fact that they are seated at the table with LDK, is a compromise from LDK’s side, ‘considering the harms that they did to LDK officials in the past, with teargas and setting vehicles on fire.’