"People`s Eye"- the accused sentenced to prison

The Basic Court in Prishtina today ruled on the seven accused in the case known as the People`s Eye.

According to this decision, Avni Lluminica is sentenced to 12 years in prison, Sadri Rambaja to 5 years, Ragip Sallova to 4 years, Bajrush Konjusha to 3 years, Halim Halimi to 3 years, Rexhep Topllana to 2 years and Behxhet Luzha to 2 years.

For Murat Jashari, meanwhile, the court has imposed 10 years of compulsory psychiatric treatment. At the same time, the charges against Sabit Berisha and Lirije Luzha were dropped.

Among those who testified in the case of "People's Eye" also were President Hashim Thaçi as well as the former Assembly Speaker, Kadri Veseli.

Avni Llumnica, Ragip Sallova, Sadri Ramabaja, Behxhet Luzha, Halim Halimi, Bajrush Konjusha, Murat Jashari, and Rexhep Topllana were charged with criminal offenses of preparing terrorist offenses or criminal offenses against the constitutional order and security of the Republic of Kosovo.

Last week, the accused gave their final word.

Sadri Ramabaja described the process as politically mounted and the prosecutor himself influenced.

He stated that the whole process had been initiated by the "Pronto" clan.

Prosecutor Sylë Hoxha in his closing statement demanded that the accused be found guilty.

However, Hoxha dropped the charges against Lirije Luzha and Sabit Berisha, who were both suspected in the case.