Haradinaj: Belgrade line is not related to tariff

Acting Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj denied at a press conference after the meeting of the government the news reported in the media that he is communicating with representatives of the Vetevendosje Movement to reach an agreement for co-government.

He further added that the project presented by Albin Kurti is deceit and stressed that he would not reject a meeting with Isa Mustafa.

Haradinaj said it would be painful if Kosovo had to repeat elections.

He, however, added that he respects Kurti and his decision to reduce the number of ministries.


Haradinaj said the agreement for Prishtina-Belgrade flights is not related to the 100 percent tariff on Serbian goods.


 “The letter of intent tells that Kosovo party does not set additional tariffs from those that already exist at the airport and this has nothing to do with the 100 percent tariff,” he said.

‘It is a business discourse used for flights from one country to another, it does not undo Kosovo’s independence. This airline implies more. Kosovo’s passport might be recognized, but it is too early to talk about this. From what I can see, I openly see an opportunity for advancement,” he said.