Grenell: Remove tax and work towards economic development

U.S. President Donald Trump special envoy for Prishtina-Belgrade dialogue, Ambassador Richard Grenell, has just concluded a meeting with chairman of Vetevendosje Movement, Albin Kurti.

Shortly after the meeting, Grenell said that the issue of the creation of government was none of his business and that he was not interested in the issue.

Grenell noted he had told Kurti that even countries like Britain and Germany have had problems with the creation of coalitions to govern.

Grenell said that the economy was taking his focus while mentioning as an example of the success of Trump administration.

According to him, new jobs should be created and the country should work towards its economic development.

He emphasized the fact that the 100 % tax on Serbian and Bosnian products should be removed, while Serbia for its part should stop its campaign against Kosovo.