Hoti: Kurti should mind his own affairs

Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) MP Avdullah Hoti told TV21 on Thursday that Glauk Konjufca’s election as Assembly Speaker on December 26, returned the entire process of negotiations with Vetevendosje Movement to point zero. According to him, this was a sign that they intend to move alone in future processes.

Speaking about Kurti’s request to send LVV’s request at LDK’s general council, Hoti said: “Kurti should look after his own home, we do not consent at the general council whenever this comes to Kurti’s mind.”

According to him, there is no reason to delay the establishment of institutions. Hoti also said that if LVV agrees with LDK’s conditions, the agreement can be signed within minutes, as they agreed previously on all program and dialogue issues.

“If the agreement between LDK and LVV fails and if LVV brings a minority government at the Assembly, we will sit and discuss possibilities of the conditions under which we could support it.”

He added that if the 2020 budget is not endorsed by 31 March, all payments from the state budget would stop, stressing that only the new government can present the new budget to the Assembly.