Abrashi: I would lift tariff today, prior to Grenell’s visit to Serbia

Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) MP Arban Abrashi said on Thursday that the Kosovo-Serbia agreement should be reached as soon as possible, as according to him, dragging of this process goes in Serbia’s favor.

“I am one of the greatest supporters of the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia as soon as possible,” he said. He added that Serbia has often found excuses that did not make sense to leave the table of dialogue. “However, we as Kosovo also gave reason for them to behave in that manner,” he said.

“Time is not on our side. If we reached the agreement with Serbia much earlier, we would certainly come out with a better solution. Any delay puts us in a worse position. Kosovo’s position and image in the European Union have become more difficult while that of Serbia has improved,” Abrashi said.

“Time is very essential. We should as early as possible catch this pace and use the American offensive that we have seen recently on the reach of the final agreement with Serbia and bring Serbia’s recognition of Kosovo,’ Abrashi said.

“The tariff mentioned by Ambassador Richard Grenell and prevention of Serbia’s bad neighborly relations, including blockade at UNESCO, INTERPOL, EU and withdrawal of recognitions, were his two demands, except for the support that they will give to us in the dialogue and economic development,” Abrashi said.

“I do not know why we need this tariff. I would remove the tariff today, before Richard Grenell’s visit to Serbia, to say that we commence our duties and Serbia should stop obstacles towards Kosovo and guarantee good neighborly relations,” Abrashi said.