Grenell brokers new deal for railway route between Kosovo, Serbia

After Kosovo and Serbia agreed on Monday to resume commercial flights between the two capitals, the US envoy in Prishtina-Belgrade dialogue said on Friday that he has managed to convince parties to enter a deal on establishing a railway line.  

During meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade, US President Donald Trump’s special envoy, Richard Grenell, confirmed a principled agreement has been already reached.

“Let’s sit and make an agreement on railways,” Grenell said without elaborating further details of the principled deal.

Grenell traveled to Belgrade on Thursday a day after visiting Kosovo and meeting with the country’s president Hashim Thaci and political leaders. Grenell said that his main message to Kosovo and Serbia leaders is to work on the resumption of dialogue and economic development.

The US Ambassador to Germany and Trump’s special envoy on Monday mediated the signing of an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia on the resumption of commercial flights between their capitals for the first time after twenty years.