"The White House wants some progress between Belgrade and Prishtina"

Serbian Parliament so-called Kosovo-Metohija Committee Chairman Milovan Drecun told Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) that when the United States says there are no deadlines for reaching an agreement, they mean some sort of political agreement could be reached if talks continue, adding that Richard Grenell warns that Trump wants some progress such as the airline deal.

Milovan Drecun says that judging by the US president's response to the initial agreement to establish a Belgrade-Prishtina airline, it is obvious that the White House administration wants some progress in relations between Belgrade and Prishtina.

"They have long insisted the talks to continue, that a final solution for Kosovo be reached if possible, but seeing that there are obstacles, it seems to me that they are now going some other way - they want to make any progress and on economic plan, through the cooperation between the companies between central Serbia and Kosovo, and present this as a step forward to gain some time until a possible final agreement," Drecun told RTS. 

According to him, when they say there are no deadlines for reaching an agreement, they think of some sort of political agreement that could be reached if talks continue, but Grenell warns that Trump wants some progress such as an airline deal.

"It can be made economically because otherwise if there is no progress then it would be pointless for Trump to assert his authority as it could turn into a negative campaign against him in the US, which he does not need now in the upcoming presidential campaign," Drecun noted. 

Speaking about the abolition of tariffs, Drecun says that Grenell has strongly said that the tariffs must be abolished.

"This is a critical phase in the possible continuation of talks between Belgrade and Prishtina, as a new so-called Pristina government needs to be formed, which must immediately define its stance on talks with Belgrade, and the tariffs. I think that Grenell yesterday told Albanian politicians that in the top agenda of the actions of the new government needs to be the abolishment of the tariffs," said Drecun, adding that it is clear to everyone that there is no continuation of talks because Prishtina has created a problem with the tariffs.   

Drecun believes that one part of the small mosaic is missing. 

"They need to abolish tariffs, this is inevitable, and Washington, on the other hand, expects Belgrade not to continue actively on withdrawal of recognition of Kosovo's self-proclaimed statehood, but they forget that Belgrade expects Pristina to cease activities with its foreign sponsor, and that is Washington, on the further work on the recognition by the new states of Kosovo's self-proclaimed statehood," Drecun said. 

He says that Belgrade has already achieved the desired result, there is no simple majority that Prishtina needs for any further action at the UN to eventually strengthen its international position.