Serbian List does not support Kurti-led government

Leader of the Serbian List, Goran Rakic, said after a meeting with Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, and the head of the Serbian Government’s Office for Kosovo, Marko Djuric, that they will not be supporting the formation of the new Government of Kosovo but will instead defend the rights of Serbs at the Kosovo Assembly.

“We will fight at the Assembly in Prishtina and our MPs know best how to fight as each of their proposal for improving the lives of the Serbs has encountered opposition,” Rakic said adding that they will continue to consult and coordinate with authorities in Belgrade about any future steps.

Djuric on his part stressed that the Serbian List would not be voting the formation of the new Government of Kosovo but underlined that this does not mean to say they will not talk to Albanian political parties.

“Because over the last period institutions of Prishtina have fundamentally misused the trust of the Serb people in Kosovo, that their actions have violated collective rights of Serbs in Kosovo, in economy, political rights, Serb representatives have decided not to support with their votes the formation of the future government of Kosovo,” Djuric said.