Meta: Border change is never a solution

Ilir Meta, President of Albania, said at the celebration of the 12th anniversary of Kosovo’s independence in Tirana, organized by the Embassy of Kosovo, that each nation in Balkans is a majority in one country and minority in the other, however, he added, change of the borders has never been a solution.

According to him, the key is on equal respect for European standards for each minority.

“There are no bad or good nations, but there are wise, visionary policies and the murdering destroying ones. This is valid for all countries and all nations, Meta said.

“It remains to us to make our region stronger, more reliable and above all, more attractive, in Albania, Kosovo Serbia, Montenegro. It is time to resolve the problem between Kosovo and Serbia, just as the one between North Macedonia and Greece was resolved,” he said adding that mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia should be the essence of the reached agreement.