Osmani: Trepca is inviolable

One of the most significant issues that the ruling coalition will be facing is the dialogue with Serbia.

Assembly Speaker and deputy leader of the LDK Vjosa Osmani gave two messages during her visit to Stan Terg in Mitrovica while participating at marking of 31 anniversary of the miners’ strike. She said Trepca is inviolable.

“In the historic context, Trepca can be treated in two fields. As peaceful active resistance to defend the existence of the Albanian population in the period of classic occupation by Serbia and secondly, as resistance to the arbitrary suppression of Kosovo’s autonomy,” Osmani said.

“Similarly, today, miners want the defense of the independence of Kosovo, territorial integrity, sovereignty of the country and civic dignity. Thanks to this sacrifice and values which lead us and which lined up on our side democratic countries of the world, this dream is fulfilled and Kosovo’s independence is irreversible. Trepca is inviolable,” Osmani said.

She added that this strategic asset of Kosovo faces development challenges and promised institutional engagement for improvement of the working conditions for the miners.