The U.S. informed Kurti that military presence is being considered

Based on its sources, the news portal reports that that the United States of America made a step forward with pressure on the government of Kosovo to lift the tariff on the goods from Serbia.

Express claims that the U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo Philip Kosnett told PM Albin Kurti that his country is considering the possibility of moving its troops from Kosovo if the tariff towards Serbia is not lifted. This is the U.S.’s most serious threat towards Kosovo, reports the portal.

The U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue Richard Grenell is categorical that the tariff should lift immediately to resume with the dialogue, and there are chances that an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia will be reached soon. However, this fact appears to frighten the new leaders of Kosovo, reports Express quoting Kurti as saying in an interview for RFE “we do not have to rush in this process, as there will be elections in Serbia in April.”