Jamaica recognition: Presidency, Govt informed by Çitaku

The Kosovo President’s Office has reacted after the news that Jamaica has not recognized the state of Kosovo. Hashim Thaci’s Office who first broke the news on recognition from Jamaica, advised media to refer to Kosovo’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on additional explanations.

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci in a Tweet on Thursday evening said that he was informed by Kosovo’s Ambassador to the US, Vlora Citaku, that Jamaica has recognized the independence of Kosovo.

A few hours later Jamaica’s Foreign Minister reacted in Twitter denying Thaci’s claims. “To date, Jamaica has not recognized Kosovo as an independent state,” she wrote retweeting Thaci’s statement.

The President’s Office said that they were informed on the new recognition from Ambassador Citaku, and advises referring to Foreign Ministry for additional information. The news on Kosovo’s recognition from Jamaica was welcomed Thursday by all leaders.