Express: Kurti responds to the US: We won`t lift the tariff

The US is expected to take action. Only the withdrawal of recognition is not an option. They are also furious with the LDK.

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti has given a negative response to the US demands for lifting the tariff on Serbian imports. This is expected to have major consequences for Kosovo.

Gazeta Express sources said that at the end of the week, Richard Grenell- the current chief of US intelligence services and mediator in the Kosovo and Serbia talks, is the one who will be reviewing the situation concerning the lifting or not of the tariff by Albin Kurti’s government.

As Express has learned, Kurti has already responded negatively to Americans. The US plans to take action, with only the withdrawal of recognition being left out the “punishment” options. Namely, it is not exactly known what the United States would undertake, however suspending investments and other activities that have assisted Kosovo for 20 years might be some of the measures.

The same sources have told Express that the US is furious with the LDK, which did not move forward with its pledges to agree and co-operate with the US on the removal of the tariff. Many senior US officials, including the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have demanded that Prime Minister Kurti lifts the tariff on Serbian imports. The same demands came by President Donald Trump's envoy Richard Grenell for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, who was recently appointed as the acting chief of 17 US intelligence agencies.