Kurti announces partial lifting of tariffs on Serbia and Bosnia

Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti announced yesterday at the press conference the lifting of the import tariff on raw material from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The new measure would take effect on 15 March.

Kurti said the measure was a sign of goodwill and readiness on the part of the government of Kosovo towards normalization of relations with Serbia.

"We call on Serbia to commit, as a response to the Kosovo side's decision, to stop the campaign for derecognition of Kosovo and to also begin eliminating nontariff trade barriers. If the Serbian side demonstrates meaningful commitment in stopping unfriendly campaigns and pledges to swiftly remove nontariff barriers with Kosovo, then starting from 1 April 202 the Government of Kosovo will fully lift the tariff on imports from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for 90 days," Kurti said.

Kurti said that is Serbia disregards Kosovo's goodwill, the government of Kosovo will begin as of 1 April with the gradual implementation of the principle of reciprocity which would initially focus on the trade aspect and then on the economic and political fields.

He also urged the EU to recognize the decision of the Kosovo side by taking a positive decision on visa liberalization for Kosovo before the Zagreb Summit in May.

"European Union and the United States should come out with detailed instruments and timelines listing the benefits from the sincere engagement of parties in overcoming trade, economic, and political barriers; mechanisms for precisely identifying and addressing possible non-implementation of obligations by the parties; and, also, listing the consequences for the non-cooperative party in the process," Kurti said.