Hoti: They are waiting for us at the White House if we lift the tariff

Kosovo`s Principal Deputy Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti, said in a debate on T7 that if the import tariff is lifted without conditions and reciprocity, the heads of state go to the White House on Tuesday for the dialogue.

“If the tariff is lifted tomorrow, the heads of state will go to the White House on Tuesday to resume the dialogue," Hoti said.

Hoti said, "next week is an important momentum to move forward with the dialogue".

Commenting on Prime Minister Kurti's proposal today for the partial and conditional lifting of the import tariff on Serbian products, Hoti said that it is not enough to meet the requests of the international community.

"There is a short time limit for this government to start leading processes. If we don't this, we won't be forgiven ... I believe there is no more time for a solution. There is no middle road for the partnership with the US," Hoti said.

"We cannot be creative in listing different points or ineloquently paraphrasing issues. That time is gone now," he added. "We need to follow the same road with them to strengthen our sovereignty. Otherwise, we will remain an isolated government and without the support of our international partners".

Hoti also said that the LDK would not remain in the coalition government if the import tariff is not lifted without conditions.