Number of infected with COVID-19 reaches 19

The number of persons infected with the coronavirus in Kosovo has now reached 19.

Health Minister Arben Vitia told a press conference on Wednesday that the situation of the affected by COVID-19 is stable, except for the 77-year-old who is being assisted with oxygen therapy time after time.

He also informed that the process of contracting protection equipment to be used by medical personnel has concluded. Also, there is protective equipment for other servants such as police, customs, etc. he informed.

It was also said that the World Health Organisation has allocated seven million Euros to strengthen supplying at all levels, as well as 7.9 million Euros for the measures that will be undertaken against COVID-19.

According to Vitia, with the strengthening of capacities and vacating of some clinics for COVID-19 cases, 500 beds are ready in case of a flux of patients, and also there are 150 volunteers ready to integrate into the service.