Mustafa: Kurti to lift tariff, annul dismissal decision, and apologize

Isa Mustafa, leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) took to Facebook to explain once again what led him to initiate a motion of no confidence in Kurti’s government.

“Dear citizens,

Dear coalition governing partners

I am making public my address to Prime Minister Kurti, on 16 March of this year. Four days after together with Assembly Speaker Ms. Vjosa Osmani and Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Avdullah Hoti, we informed him in his office that lack of lifting the tariff and aggravation of the relations with the U.S. will bring our coalition into a question. The addressing was as follows:

“Dear Prime Minister Kurti,

As partners of the coalition, I and the other leaders of the LDK share the conviction that we should not risk partnership with the U.S. That we should lift the tariff and the government should take over responsibility that it belongs to it in the dialogue. LDK has supported the Resolution of the Assembly on dialogue and in no case, it will not support an agreement that affects the borders and internal organizing.

We cannot risk our partnership with the U.S. due to the tariff.

U.S. powerful presence in Kosovo is vital for our country.

We have major problems with the COVID-19 virus. We have to win this battle together.

We have not reached a coalition to breach it, but to make changes.

Therefore, I plead for your understanding that the tariff has to be lifted this week. Do not take this as a biased request, but as a joint interest.

If it continues in this matter, as soon as we overcome this emergent situation with the virus, we will be forced as LDK to leave the coalition, because we do not want to be equally responsible for the breach of the relations with our main ally.

I will also inform Ambassador Grennell about this.

With respect,

Isa Mustafa

The response that I received from Prime Minister Kurti on 18 March was dismissal in contradiction with the Agreement for a coalition, of the deputy leader of LDK, Mr. Agim Veliu from the position of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Public Administration and his proclamation nothing less than a traitor while addressing the citizens that very night.

I am asking you honorable citizens, and some of the representatives of the diplomatic chore, but also two or three LDK MPs: Is this a rightful action of our Prime Minister?

Does this action speak to the fact that PM Kurti is committed to keep the coalition and to jointly fight CoronaVirus?

I ask you, what other decision should the LDK make when it is so badly ignored and humiliated by the Prime Minister of the country?

I am not young to be influenced by others nor an adventurer. I am very much concerned about our people, the citizens of this country. I want for me and my political party to give everything and win the battle against this virus. I want to cooperate with our strategic partners and not lose their support.

Even today, I bow to my population and seek an understanding of my party. Today I also expect Mr. Kurti to abolish the tariff, annul the decision for Mr. Veliu’s dismissal and apologize to LDK for his actions and of those he cooperated on this low act.

To give us the possibility to be together in this battle.” Mustafa wrote.