Thaci: KPHI and the police are promptly doing their job, KSF ready

The President of Kosovo wrote today on his Facebook profile that Kosovo’s National Public Health Institute and the police are managing well the situation created by a coronavirus.

“The National Public Health Institute is managing the situation and preventing the spread of COVID-19 virus.

The police are doing their job meticulously by maintaining public order and peace.

The Kosovo Security Force is in standby with all its medical and logistic capacity to help overcome the situation created by COVID-19.

Citizens now have a key role to play.

Let us take care of our hygiene. Maintain the physical distance between us. Get out of the house only when this is necessary. These days are critical to limiting the spread of COVID-19 and allowing existing capacities to cope with emerging cases.

As a state, we are prepared and working together to increase medical capacity, maintain food supplies and sanitation, take action, and protect workers and businesses, which should be assisted by facilitating policies in place during the coming months.

Together, we will overcome this challenge,” Thaci wrote.