Haxhiu: Thaci and Mustafa brought Kurti’s government down

Acting Minister of Justice Albulena Haxhiu, appealed to the citizens through a Facebook post not to get disappointed, “as we will come back stronger and more powerful.”

“On October 6, you gave us the support to govern the country.

Since February 3, the day the Government was voted on, we have been working uninterruptedly to implement our program and commitment with honesty and dedication.

Today, the Government collapsed with the motion planned by Thaci and Mustafa.

The LDK, as in other times in the past, returned to the old embrace, returned to those who abused the state for 20 years.

The changes we initiated for the rule of law, economic development, and welfare, education, and health, left us halfway, the LDK betraying the trust of the citizens.

Dear citizens, do not despair because this country will become and we will return even more powerful and stronger very soon and we will continue the good works we have begun,” Haxhiu wrote.