Viola von Cramon: Totally irresponsible political class

Viola von Cramon, Rapporteur for Kosovo at the European Parliament, called last night’s events at the Assembly of Kosovo, tragical.

She reacted to the post of Ambassador Boris Ruge, vice president of the Munich Conference, who wrote that “those who brought down the government of #Kosovo amid a pandemic will have to answer questions of responsibility & legitimacy. #EU #France & #Germany are to be commended for their strong support of PM @albinkurti Sad to see the #US pursue a separate & dangerous agenda.”

“I do not know what to say. Irresponsible political class. Putting the party and their careers before the country. Poor people in Kosovo who hoped for #reforms #RuleOfLaw #justice and better #future. Now the votes are stolen by the old guys once again. Tragic” was von Cramon’s response.