Serbs don’t report coronavirus cases to Kosovo institutions

Kosovo’s health institutions are not managing to monitor cases of people infected with the coronavirus in mainly Serb-inhabited municipalities and settlements, as local authorities in these regions are not informing the authorities in Pristina, Radio Free Europe reports.

The health institutions in Serb municipalities in Kosovo operate under Serbia’s healthcare system. The three persons infected so far in the Serb settlements have been sent for medical treatment to Nis, Serbia, following recommendations by the Serbian Ministry of Health.

Officials of the Ministry of Health in Kosovo say the Infectious Clinic in Prishtina treats patients regardless of their ethnicity but that so far, no member from the Serb community has been to the clinic.

“So far health institutions from Serb settlements have not reported any coronavirus cases to us, even though according to the law on the prevention and combating of infectious diseases they are obliged to report cases to the National Institute for Public Health,” the Ministry of Health said in a written reply.