Mustafa speaks about no-confidence motion

Leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) Isa Mustafa said in an interview with Klan Kosova that the former Interior Minister Agim Veliu was right in expressing his position about whether to declare a state of emergency as this was not something that the government had taken any decision on and was still at the stage of the proposal.

"The government had not discussed the issue because there was no government decision on whether a state of emergency needed to be declared. There was the position of the prime minister, the deputy prime minister and another minister which were not aligned," he said.

He said that if the acting Prime Minister Albin Kurti thinks he is an 'absolute ruler' and that no one can be entitled to have a different opinion, "that is an issue his leadership system which is not in line with our constitutional order."

He denied there was any coordination with President Hashim Thaci on the state of emergency issue. "There was no communication or meeting with the president before I published a status on the state of emergency."

Mustafa also was asked to comment on the Assembly Speaker and deputy leader of LDK Vjosa Osmani's vote against the motion of no confidence for the government saying he has not discussed the issue with Osmani as yet but noted that the decision-making at the party needs to be unanimous. "No one has called them to say why they voted against, but whether that was the right thing to do is something that will be judged concerning the majority. It is important to me, that 24 MPs voted in favor. It is not relevant at all that three MPs voted against."

LDK leader said that even if the Veliu's dismissal did not happen, his party would have initiated a motion of no confidence because of the government's refusal to entirely lift the tariff against Serbia. "Before Veliu was dismissed, I wrote to Kurti that if he is not ready to lift the tariff, we would be withdrawing from the Government once the risk of a pandemic is over."

"We made no haste at all because I had warned Prime Minister Albin Kurti earlier that the tariff would have to be dropped unconditionally and that the reciprocity issue would have to be in cooperation with the U.S. but also the EU," Mustafa said.