Mustafa: This is not the time for new elections

Isa Mustafa, leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) said Kosovo President Hashim Thaci did not ask him about the name of the PM candidate to form the new government.

“We discussed exit from this situation, and the President informed us about constitutional options. We as LDK consider that this is not the right time for new elections due to the situation with coronavirus. And we are also convinced that elections at this period would not lead to a new situation from the one we are in right now. Considering the political will of the political parties and no-confidence motion voted by 82 MPS, a majority that has the right even to change the Constitution, we are for the creation of a new government as foreseen on the 2014 verdict. This government would pledge to work in full capacity against Coronavirus, to work on economic development, as we are going to face a very difficult situation, being an undeveloped country. We should especially pay attention to the need for the dialogue with Serbia, for which we should prepare and we also should have a majority at the Assembly.”

Mustafa said the PM candidate name was not discussed at this meeting, however, he added that the President will respect the procedures. 

“We as LDK will not join a process that is not constitutional,” he said.