Thaçi: I will respect the Constitution and citizens` will

Following the meeting with the leaders of the three political parties, Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi said he would fully respect the constitution and laws in place to find an acceptable solution for the functioning of institutions, or even the establishment of new ones.

Following the meeting,  the President said that all further actions would be transparent and in line with the Constitution, laws and previous practices.

"Today as a president of the country and respecting the Constitution, the laws, my mandate as president after the March 25th motion, I am obliged to begin consultations with political parties and leaders on further steps on the functioning of the institutions of the establishment of the new Government."

“There will be a full appliance of the citizens’ legitimacy while taking into account the dismissal of the Government. All further actions that I will undertake as a President after the consultations will be transparent and per the Constitution, laws and previous practices as stated by the will of the parties. It will be a constitutional process, consulted and legal, and you will be acquainted with everything. ”

The president said he would meet tomorrow (Thursday) with leaders of other parties, Ramush Haradinaj of the AAK, Fatmir Limaj of the Social Democratic Initiative, as well as representatives of the Serbian List and those of the 6+ Group.