UK: Now is not the time for political maneuvering, but cooperation

The United Kingdom’s Embassy in Kosovo issued a statement hailing the government’s decision to lift the tariff on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina saying that grievances can be resolved within the framework of the EU-facilitated dialogue. 

“The Dialogue should lead to a comprehensive, conclusive, legally binding agreement, respecting territorial integrity and normalizing bilateral relations, that is acceptable to the citizens of both countries and will deliver long-term benefits to them and the whole region. With the support of international partners, Kosovo and Serbia should now take the necessary steps to resume the Dialogue.”

The UK further noted that the challenge of the COVID 19 pandemic  requires determination, consistency, and persistence from all of Kosovo’s institutions: “This is not a time for political maneuvering, but cooperation, domestically and regionally.”

“Following the vote of no confidence in the Assembly, the UK calls for the Constitution to continue to be respected, and for decisions to be taken quickly to enable the incumbent or new Government to make protection of citizens’ lives the paramount consideration. We, the UK, stand with the people of Kosovo and the wider region during this global crisis.

“We call on the incumbent or new Government simultaneously to work to deliver the people’s long-term priorities, reflected in last October’s elections, focusing on strengthening the rule of law and combating corruption.”