Limaj: We could be part of broad based government

Fatmir Limaj, leader of the Social-Democratic Initiative said today after the meeting with President Hashim Thaci that he has requested from him to avoid early elections due to the situation caused by COVID-19.

He said he requested from the President to respect each point of the Constitution of Kosovo. 

Limaj said his political party would be part of a broad-based government, however with some conditions. 

“The President should see into the possibility of avoiding early elections. Let us safeguard the competency of each institution. There were interferences of the competencies at the Assembly. No one can usurp the competencies of the Parliament. We would enter a deep crisis,” Limaj said. 

“The President does not have space to dissolve the Assembly without the will of the majority,” Limaj said adding that this would be a violation of the Constitution, as according to him, this can only be done by assembly MPs.