No cases of COVID-19 on the second testing

The National Institute of the Public Health of Kosovo informed that none of the 118 samples taken from the patients hospitalized at Infectious Disease Clinic and from the field contact case tracking last night, resulted positive for coronavirus.

NIPHK also informed that after one positive case on Thursday from Korisha, Prizren, all contacts will be tested. 

The Ministry of Health has decided to quarantine this village as the residents were suspected to have had direct contact with people infected with the coronavirus.
This Institute also informed that from 08.03.2020 to 02.04.2020 the Laboratory of Microbiology tested 1,500 samples suspected of COVID-19, from them, 126 resulted positive and that so far there has been one death of an 82-year-old man.
Microbiologist Lul Raka appealed during an interview given to Klan Kosova that staying at home and social distancing is the only way to fight the virus. "Every fourth person can potentially have the virus and have no symptoms, develop it after a few days or even develop it at all," Raka said.
In a separate article, this news portal quotes the spokesman of the Ministry of Health Faik Hoti as saying that 53 percent of the infected are male, while 47 are female.
At the same time, the Ministry of Health confirmed that all 56 tests carried out at the Mitrovica detention facility resulted in negative for COVID-19.

"This shows once again that even though a couple of guardians and a nurse tested positive, full implementation of protective measures and discipline at this time, the spread of infection to the prisoners has been avoided," the Ministry said.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Kosovo currently stands at 138.