Veseli: I would not have initiated no-confidence motion at this time

Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) leader Kadri Veseli said in an interview to RTV21 on Thursday evening that he would not have initiated a no-confidence motion against the government in the current circumstances.

"This is a situation that we need to overcome together with as little health and economic consequences as possible. We need to set aside egos ... It is not ok to initiate a no-confidence motion during a pandemic," he said. "I would not have initiated a no-confidence motion in the current circumstances, during a pandemic."

Veseli ruled out the possibility of "a secret agreement on land swap between Kosovo and Serbia".

Veseli said that when it was first introduced the import tariff was one of the best decisions of Kosovo's institutions. "But when it turned into means for internal electoral consumption, everything was ruined. It lost its meaning. It started being used as an internal war rather than concerning Serbia. When it turned into a confrontation with the US and the EU, it was ruined even more," he said.