Kurti holds telephone call with French President, Macron

Acting Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti had a telephone conversation with President of France Emmanuel Macron last night.

According to a statement issued by the Kosovo Prime Minister's Office, Kurti informed Macron of the steps the government of Kosovo has taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic saying and thanked him for the statement issued jointly with Germany regarding the motion of no confidence against the government of Kosovo at this time. “Kurti underlined that the gap created by his motion cannot be filled nor can the political crisis be overcome, unless there are new elections, as the only legitimate and legal way to put in place a new government.”

“Any other attempt at producing a government otherwise at the present situation would follow unconstitutional ways. New political elections are possible only once the health crisis is resolved,” Kurti said.

Macron on his part is said to have expressed support for the way the pandemic is being fought by the government of Kosovo.

Kurti and Macron also discussed dialogue and after hailing the resumption of movement of goods between Kosovo and Serbia, the French president also pledged the commitment to increase France’s role and his engagement in the facilitation of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. Macron stressed that this would be the goal of a Paris summit, as soon as conditions allow for such an event to be arranged.

Kurti highlighted that the effectiveness of dialogue depends on Europe’s participation in the process.

“Europe cannot be replaced by another continent, nor can France be replaced by another country. Europe is the environment and perspective of normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia,” Kurti is quoted to have said in the conversation.