Kosovo: Ninth person passes away due to coronavirus

At the Intensive Care Unit of the Infectious Diseases Clinic, last night after midnight, a 69-year-old patient from the municipality of Suhareka passed away. He was admitted on 10/04/2020 in serious health conditions and who, in addition to COVID-19 had heart problems.

Today, on 15/04/2020, 53 patients with COVID-19 were hospitalized in the Infectious Diseases Clinic of UCCK, while 3 patients were cured.

The clinic is waiting for the results for 14 more cases and 5 cases have been tested and resulted in negative for COVID 19.

Of the 53 patients infected with COVID 19:

· 39 cases are in stable condition;
· 12 cases are with oxygen therapy treatment and intensive care.
· In intensive care, three patients are in critical condition, one of whom is in oxygen therapy and intensive care, and two patients are in mechanical ventilation.

As for the staff of the Infectious Diseases Clinic, there are no new cases of intra-hospital infection.

Interested media regarding the condition of patients hospitalized in the Infectious Diseases Clinic will be able to receive additional information every day at 12:30 at the Infectious Diseases Clinic by authorized doctors.