Thaci sends official request for PM candidate to Mustafa

The Office of the President confirmed that President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci met on Wednesday afternoon with the leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) Isa Mustafa, who told the President that he has ensured the required majority at the Assembly to vote the new government.

After Mustafa’s confirmation, the President submitted to him a letter where he requested the proposal of the potential candidate who would form a stable and inclusive government.

“Following the constitutional mandate and in compliance with the Judgment of the Constitutional Court, in case no. K0103 / 14, to avoid early elections, to maintain the stability of the country and under the urgency to give the country a new government with legitimacy by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, after consulting with all parliamentary political parties and consent of the majority of them to form the new government, after lack of the name of the candidate to form the government by the Vetevendosje Movement, despite five requests from the President of the country, as well as following the prevailing criteria for the formation of the new government, after yesterday afternoon's meeting where the leader of LDK, Mustafa has confirmed that he has ensured a sufficient majority in the Assembly, President Thaçi has requested through a letter the name of the potential PM candidate for the formation of the government of Kosovo," reads a  response from the Office of the President.