Acting PM Kurti says he will lead government until new elections

Kosovo’s acting Prime Minister Albin Kurti took to Twitter on Thursday to note the achievements of his government on its 100th day. 

“We downsized a large, dysfunctional, spendthrift government, saving 1.4 million EUR per year. We halved salaries for government officials which were too high for a society where approx. 30% live in poverty and 30% are unemployed, saving 1.1 million EUR per year. #GoodGovernance” 

“We saved hundreds of millions of EUR by canceling lobbying, rental & asphalt contracts, designed to enrich powerful individuals & associated companies. We used savings to help our #healthcareworkers & the most vulnerable, putting extra money in their pockets.” 

“We dismissed boards of public enter. & fired their CEOs who took close to 100K EUR per year in salaries & bonuses, despite operating at a loss, drowning in debt & seeking state subsidies. They also signed harmful contracts & hired people through nepotism. #FightAgainstCorruption”

“We drafted an emergency fiscal package to help businesses & workers by providing fiscal relief, paying part of their salaries & postponing tax obligations. Our emergency & recovery plan was praised by @WorldBank & @EUKosovo who are helping us ease the socioeconomic impact caused by #COVID19”

“We initiated a vetting process for judges, prosecutors & high-ranking officials to bring professionalism & impartiality and trust to the judiciary and justice system.”

“Despite the challenges our new government faced, we have not stopped and will not stop working for our citizens. #TheseAreTheFacts #NoFakeNewsHere Tomorrow is day 102, then 103, 104...Until the next elections!”