Gashi: Kosovo to have new government next week

Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) parliamentary group chief, Arben Gashi, said on Thursday that their parliamentary group discussed the program and working plan of the Hoti government and that Kosovo will have a new government next week.

Asked if he believed Kosovo will have a new government next month, Gashi said: “not next month, but next week”.

Gashi said the government program will be ready in two days and be made available to the public. He said one of the top priorities of the Hoti government would be the dialogue with Serbia.

“With regards to the dialogue, the government program includes the strategic orientation confirmed by the LDK Strategic Council last week. These pillars were confirmed in 2019. The ruling of the Constitutional Court is also part of concrete decisions,” he added.

Gashi said when the Constitutional Court announces its decision, he will reactivate the request for an extraordinary session of the Assembly.

“We will set the date and time, and this should not take longer than 24 hours,” he said.