Haxhiu concerned over Constitutional Court`s leaks of possible ruling

Acting Minister of Justice Albulena Haxhiu expressed concern over circulating reports suggesting that the Constitutional Court is to rule in favor of President Hashim Thaci regarding the mandate for the formation of the new government of Kosovo.

In a Facebook post, Haxhiu wrote: "The citizens are entitled to be angry. On the one hand, there are calls to 'not interfere in the Court's independence' and on the other, their first orientations are making the rounds, including in the media! How is it possible that the ruling and the voting can be known without being yet announced by the Court?! If this is the case, this is not an independence of the Court."

Haxhiu said that the Constitutional Court's mandate is limited to the interpretation of the Constitution and not its amendment. 

"Constitutional amendments can only be proposed by the Government, the President and 1/4 of MPs and then need to be voted by the Assembly. According to the Constitution, there is no timeline for the prime minister candidate. The Court cannot set a timeframe. This would destroy the constitutional order and democracy. This would overturn the will of the people," she wrote.

Today, media reported quoting sources that the Constitutional Court will overturn President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci's decree for a prime ministerial candidate but will at the same time pave the way to his plan for forming a new government without the Vetevendosje Movement. It also said that seven out of nine judges of the Court are siding with Thaci.